Manage your production
and its impact on society

Manage your product, and integrate its environmental, social and economic footprints in each decision.

They are sapiologists

"The Sapiologie team has made a custom production line management, and customer relationship tool. Perfectly suited to our processes, it allows a better operational management of the production steps, and a real-time diagnosis of the company's key metrics, from industrial efficiency to environmental impact."

Léo Bouffier
Technical director, Wyve surfboards

We provide a custom production management webapp for Mtsommeil.
More details to come!


Selim, CEO, is a full-stack and machine learning engineer, has 8 years of experience in startups of all scales, in internal data management. He built several production management tools. He is passionate about tennis, surf and geopolitics!

Julien, CPO, in charge of product, has 6 years of experience setting up interactive data analysis and data management systems, in logistics and digital marketing. He is passionate about football (soccer), surf and music!

Volcy, CSO, our scientific lead, marine ecologist, worked for environmental NGOs as well as research projects aiming to analyze and reduce anthropic impacts on the natural environment. She is passionate about tennis, hiking and animals!

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Social life cycle assessment [english]
30 nov 2021

Social impact assessments are somewhat less common that environmental ones, the S-LCA methodology is here to democratize them. We've prepared an executive summary of the work from UNEP.

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Life cycle assessment [français]
22 nov 2021

Environmental life cycle assessment, social LCA, and life cycle cost assessment constitute the 3 pillars of sustainable development as per the UN. These are the most accomplished tools to evaluate a product, a company or a collectivity.

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Ocean Hackathon 2021 [english]
06 nov 2021

During 2 days, at the Brest 2021 Ocean Hackathon, we compared the impacts of Saint-Brieux offshore wind farm and Chooz B EPR nuclear power plant.

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