Ocean Hackathon 2021 - Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm & Chooz nuclear power plant, a brief analysis of their environmental, social and economic impacts

Published on November 06th, 2021 [English]


With Sapiologie, public and private decision makers can measure and understand
the economic, social and environmental impact of every decision before it is made.


The analysis below is the result of a 48h hackathon, it is by all means a proof of concept, and not a definitive conclusion in favor of, or against offshore wind turbines or nuclear power plants. This data, while sourced, is strictly here for demo purposes, Sapiologie should not be held responsible for any decisions made after consultation of this page.

As of November 2021, Sapiologie build custom webapps for companies to manage their production, and understand their environmental, social and economic impacts in quasi real time. During the Brest Ocean Hackathon 2021, we applied some of the methodology we use to assess products and companies, to an offshore wind farm off Saint-Brieuc, and a nuclear power plant: Chooz B. The analysis below is a brief proof of concept of the kind of interesting comparisons and visualizations decision makers and citizens would get, if and when Sapiologie becomes available for public decision making.

Value proposition and testimonials

Value proposition

Webapp to centralize and visualize interactively, and objectively heterogeneous data to help with public decision making.


Manon Bouvier
Ancienne consultante en stratégies territoriales et communication - Former consultant in territorial strategy, and communication

La collecte de données, la synthèse de rapports et la collaboration avec différents bureaux d’études sont le quotidien des consultants. Ces tâches sont souvent laborieuses et redondantes et nous aurions grande utilité d’un outil qui nous permettrait de facilement centraliser, synthétiser et exposer les données. Il n’existe pas de tel outil sur le marché à ma connaissance.

Data collection, reports synthesis and collaboration with engineering and scientific consultants are what consultants in public markets deal with on a daily basis. These tasks are often intensive and redundant, we could definitely use a tool that would allow us to easily centralize, synthetize and expose various datasets (reports, maps, etc.). To my knowledge, there is no such tool on the market, to date.

Gregory Le Drougmaguet
Chargé de missions au comité départemental des pêches maritimes et des élevages marins des côtes d'Armor (CDPMEM 22) - Project manager at CDPMEM 22

Les professionnels de la pêche sont soucieux de préserver l'environnement qu’ils exploitent et d’assurer la pérennité de leur activité.

Professional fishers feel a responsibility towards the preservation of the environment that they exploit in their job, and ensuring the sustainability of their activity.


Mathilde Loubrie
our amazing addition

Renewable energies student.
Hackathon: QGIS.

Volcy Boilevin

Marine ecologist.
Hackathon: maps, biodiversity and social studies.

Julien Motte

Hackathon: economic and environmental impacts.

Selim Youssry

Hackathon: data and code.

A comparative study of Saint-Brieuc offshore wind turbines and Chooz nuclear power plant